All services provided by Object Storage Service (OSS) are charged independently. For example, you are charged storage fees when you store objects in OSS, fees for outbound traffic over Internet when you access objects stored in OSS over Internet, and data processing fees when you use Image Processing (IMG) to process the images you store in OSS. This topic describes the billable items and billing methods of OSS.

Note For more information about the unit prices of services provided by OSS, visit the OSS pricing page.

Billing cycle

OSS calculates the usage of all resources each hour and charges fees for actual usage.

Billing method

OSS supports the following billing methods:
  • Pay-as-you-go: Fees for OSS are calculated based on actual usage. You can complete the payment after a bill is generated. Fees are calculated based on the following formula: Fees = Actual usage × Unit price. For more information, see Pay-as-you-go.
  • Subscription: You can use resources only after you purchase resource plans. Resource plans are used to deduct fees incurred when you use resources in each billing cycle. For more information, see Overview.

Billable items