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Add and manage records

Last Updated: Oct 11, 2017

You can set up DNS settings for a domain name in the Alibaba Cloud DNS console. First you must add a record, and then you can manage the record, performing actions such as edit a record, enable a record, disable a record, and delete a record.

Add a record

To add a record, follow these steps.

  1. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud DNS console.

  2. On the Basic DNS or Advanced DNS page, click Configure under the domain name for which you want to modify the DNS settings.

  3. Click Add Record.

  4. Enter record information as follows.

    • Select a type.

      • A (Address): An A record points your domain to the IP address of the host (for example,
      • CNAME (Alias): A CNAME record redirects a subdomain to a different domain name (for example, www.yourdomain.com redirects to www.anotherdomain.com) that is then queried to resolve the original DNS query.
      • MX (Mail): An MX resource record points your domain to the mail exchange server.
      • TXT (Text): A TXT record specifies an arbitrary non-formatted text string of up to 255 maximum length. It is typically used to add a Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record for anti-spam purposes.
      • NS (Name Server): An NS record specifies another authoritative name server for resolving subdomains.
      • AAAA (IPv6): An AAAA record is similar to an A record but points your domain to an IPv6 IP address (for example, ff06:0:0:0:0:0:0:c3) rather than an IPv4 address.
      • SRV (Service): An SRV record specifies a server that provides special services (for example, _example-server._tcp).
    • Select a host, which refers to the prefix before the domain names.

      • www: Use www to match www.yourdomain.tld.
      • @: Use @ to exactly match the original domain name (for example, @yourdomain.tld).
      • *: Use * (asterisk) as a wildcard to match any prefix. For example, *.example.com matches <any prefix>.example.com.
      • mail: Use mail to match mail.yourdomain.com. It is typically used for mail server resolution.
      • Second-level domain name: For example, to match abc.yourdomain.com, enter abc.
      • Mobile website: For example, to match m.yourdomain.com, enter m.
    • Select an ISP line so that visitors can access your website through the specified ISP line.

    • Enter the value and TTL.

  5. Click Confirm.

The newly added record takes effect in seconds, and is enabled by default.

Manage a record

After a record is added for a domain name, you can perform the following actions on the DNS settings page of the domain name.

Log on to the Alibaba Cloud DNS console, and click Configure under the domain name to enter its DNS settings page.

Edit a record

To edit an existing record for a domain name on its DNS setting page:

  1. Click Edit under the record.

  2. Enter the record information and click Confirm.

The time for a modified record to take effect depends on the TTL specified on the local DNS server. The default TTL is 10 minutes. A smaller TTL value means a shorter time for the modified record to take effect.

Enable a record

To enable a disabled record for a domain name on its DNS settings page, click Enable under the record.

Disable a record

To disable an enabled record for a domain name on its DNS settings page, click Disable under the record.

Disable is used to temporarily suspend a record; the disabled record can be enabled again.

Delete a record

To delete an existing record for a domain name on its DNS settings page:

  1. Click Delete under the record.

  2. On the Confirm Deletion dialog box, click Confirm.

Delete is used to permanently remove a record. Once a record is deleted, the IP address it redirects to becomes inaccessible. We recommend that you retain a record that uses the default line to avoid potential problems.

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