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Use a cluster

Last Updated: Jul 27, 2018

If you do not have an E-HPC cluster, Create an E-HPC cluster first.


After creating an E-HPC cluster, create a non-root account, on the basis of usage and needs of normal cluster users and administrators. For more information, see User management

Additionally, you can import the data to be computed into the E-HPC cluster. For more information, see Import data.

Log on to the cluster

To learn how to obtain the public IP address of the E-HPC cluster login node, and how to log on to the cluster with the normal permission granted by the E-HPC administrator, see Log on to the cluster.

Use the cluster

After you access the login node, we recommend that you follow the instructions in Run computing jobs to use the dedicated scheduling tool to submit computing jobs.


To avoid interference with the job operations submitted by the users, other than the cluster administrators, must not use the intranet IP address of the E-HPC cluster to log on to the computing node.

The login node simultaneously serves as a high-performance development host, where users can perform routine software development and debugging work.