This topic describes how to migrate one or more ECS instances from the classic network to the VPC network.


Note the following before migrating ECS instances:

  • During the migration process, the instances will restart, which may affect your system and services.
  • After the migration, no special configuration is required and the public IPs of the ECS instances remain unchanged.
    • For each migrated ECS instance, though the public IP remains unchanged, you cannot see this public IP in the operating system of the ECS instance (it is called the public IP of the ECS instance of the VPC network). You can change the public IP of a pay-as-you-go ECS instance to an EIP. For more information, see Convert an ECS public IP address to an EIP.
    • If one of your applications depends on the visible public IP on the operating system of the ECS instance, evaluate the migration carefully because it will have some impact on the service.
  • The VSwitch of the target VPC and the ECS instances to be migrated must be in the same zone.
  • The instance ID and login information remain unchanged in the migration process.
  • The migration of subscription instances does not incur additional fees. When the new billing cycle starts, the migrated ECS instances are billed at the same price rate as the instances of the VPC network with the same specification.
  • Renewal or configuration upgrading orders that have not taken effect or have not been paid will be cancelled after the migration and cannot be recovered. You must recreate the orders.

Step one: Schedule the migration

  1. Log on to the ECS Console.
  2. Find the target instance, then click More > Network and Security Group > Schedule Migration to VPC.
  3. In the displayed dialog box, click OK.
  4. Click View Scheduled Tasks or click Pending Events in the common operation area in the upper-right corner of the Overview page.
  5. On the Pending Events page, click the Migrate to VPC tab.
  6. Select the instance that you want to migrate, then click Schedule Migration.
  7. In the displayed dialog box, select the target VPC, the target VSwitch and the time of migration, and then click OK.

Step two: Start the migration

After the scheduling, Alibaba Cloud will start the migration at the scheduled time. The migration generally takes about 5 minutes.

Step three: View the migration result

You can view the migration result through several ways:
  • You can view the event status in the target event. If the status changes to Execution Completed, the migration is successful.
  • Check if you have received a text message reminding that the migration was successful.
  • Log on to the ECS Console. On the Instance Details page, check whether the "network type" of the instance is "VPC".