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Description of exclusive IP

Last Updated: Mar 20, 2018

What is an exclusive IP address?

By default, WAF assigns a WAF IP address for each WAF instance. This WAF IP address can be used for multiple domain names to provide protection. The exclusive IP address resource package allows you to purchase an additional exclusive IP address for your current WAF instance, and each exclusive IP address can only be used for one domain name.

The exclusive IP address can be used to solve the following problems:

  • When a domain name is under DDoS attack, other domain names bound with the same IP address being thrown into the black hole

    By default, domain names connected with WAF use the same IP address. When one of the domain names is under DDoS attack, the IP address is thrown into the black hole, and the other domain names cannot be accessed. You can assign an exclusive IP address for an important domain name, to avoid it from being affected when the IP address of other domain names is thrown into the black hole.

  • Closest access for origins across multiple regions

    WAF deployed nodes in multiple regions in China. If you run services in different regions (for example, the origin for service of domain name A is in Beijing, and the service of domain name B is in Shenzhen), services in different regions only occupy one WAF node by default. The system assigns nodes based on the region of the first origin configured on WAF based on proximity. In this case, you can use the additional exclusive IP address to assign proximate WAF nodes for domain names of the origin in other regions.

How to purchase an exclusive IP address?

You can purchase additional exclusive IP resources when purchasing the WAF service. For more information, see Purchase process.

If you have already purchased the WAF service, you can upgrade the service. For more information, see Renewal and upgrade process.

How to assign and enable an exclusive IP address?

Log on to the WAF console, and access the Website Configuration page. Locate the target domain name, and enable Exclusive IP address for it.

After the exclusive IP address is enabled, the CNAME of this domain name is automatically resolved to the new exclusive IP address. You can ping the CNAME of this domain name, and see if the domain name is successfully resolved to the new IP address.

Note: If you use A record rather than CNAME resolution, the automatic switching is unavailable. You must manually resolve the DNS to the new IP address in time.

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