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Last Updated: Apr 11, 2018


Query detection configuration.

Request parameter

Parameters Type Required Example values Description
Action String Yes DescribeLiveSnapshotDetectPornConfig

The name of this interface. Value: DescribeLiveSnapshotDetectPornConfig

DomainName String Yes

The user domain name.

AppName String No testApp

The app name. If not provided, it indicates all the app names under the domain name.

Order String No asc


  • Asc: ascending.
  • Desc: descending.
Default value: Asc

PageNum Integer No 1

The page number.
Default value: 1

PageSize Integer No 10

The page size.
Range: [5,30]
Default value: 10

Return parameter

Parameters Type Example values Description
RequestId String 16A96B9A-F203-4EC5-8E43-CB92E68F4CD8

The ID of the job request.


Detection configuration occurs only when the parameter is returned correctly.

  └DomainName String

The user domain name.

  └AppName String xxx02

The app name.

  └Interval Integer 80

Sampling interval.

  └OssEndpoint String

The name of OSS endpoint.

  └OssBucket String test123

Name of the bucket in OSS.

  └OssObject String {AppName}/{StreamName}/{Date}/{Hour}/{Minute}_{Second}.jpg

The name of OSS Object.

  └Scenes String porn

Detection scenes, including ‘porn’, ‘terrorism’, ‘ad’, ‘live’.
Default value: ‘porn’

PageNum Integer 1

The page number.

PageSize Integer 2

The page size.

Order String desc


TotalPage Integer 11

The total number of pages.

TotalNum Integer 6

The total number of eligible items.


Request example

  1.<Public Request Parameter>

For more information, see Public Request Parameter.

Normal return example

JSON format

  1. {
  2. "LiveSnapshotDetectPornConfigList":{
  3. "LiveSnapshotDetectPornConfig":[
  4. {
  5. "AppName":"xxx01",
  6. "DomainName":"",
  7. "Interval":80,
  8. "OssBucket":"bucket",
  9. "OssEndpoint":"",
  10. "OssObject":"{AppName}/{StreamName}/{Date}/{Hour}/{Minute}_{Second}.jpg"
  11. },
  12. {
  13. "AppName":"xxx02",
  14. "DomainName":"",
  15. "Interval":80,
  16. "OssBucket":"bucket",
  17. "OssEndpoint":"",
  18. "OssObject":"{AppName}/{StreamName}/{Date}/{Hour}/{Minute}_{Second}.jpg"
  19. }
  20. ]
  21. },
  22. "Order":"desc",
  23. "PageNum":1,
  24. "PageSize":2,
  25. "RequestId":"16A96B9A-F203-4EC5-8E43-CB92E68F4CD8",
  26. "TotalNum":11,
  27. "TotalSize":6
  28. }

Exception return example

JSON format

  1. {
  2. "Code":"InternalError",
  3. "HostId":"",
  4. "Message":"The request processing has failed due to some unknown error.",
  5. "RequestId":"6EBD1AC4-C34D-4AE1-963E-B688A228BE31"
  6. }

Error code

For more information about error code of this product, see Error code.