Data Transfer Plan is a traffic package that offers affordable traffic-billed pricing. Your Data Transfer Plan takes effect immediately upon purchase, and the traffic fees generated by ECS instances, EIPs, SLB instances and Internet Shared Bandwidth are automatically deducted until the Data Transfer Plan is used up or expires.


  • Affordable

    Data Transfer Plan offers affordable traffic-billed pricing.

  • Support for various traffic-billed products

    Traffic in Data Transfer Plan can be used by ECS instances, EIPs and SLB instances that are billed by traffic.

  • Easy to use

    Immediately after purchase, Data Transfer Plan automatically deducts the traffic generated by the supported products in the selected regions. No additional operations are required. For more information, see Purchase a Data Transfer Plan.

  • Unified Management

    You can get the Internet traffic usage details by viewing the traffic consumption of the Data Transfer Plan.

Data Transfer Plan areas

A Data Transfer Plan can cover one area and one area includes one or more regions. The prices of different areas are different.

Data Transfer Plan area Covered regions
Mainland China China (Qingdao), China (Beijing), China (Zhangjiakou), China (Hohhot), China (Hangzhou), China (Shanghai), China (Shenzhen)
Outside Mainland China Australia (Sydney), US (Virginia), US (Silicon Valley), Germany (Frankfurt), Singapore, Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), India (Mumbai)
China (Hong Kong) China (Hong Kong)

View the traffic usage information

You can view the remaining traffic and usage details of Data Transfer Plan in Resource Packages.

For more information, see View traffic usage.