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Last Updated: Mar 05, 2018

This documentation introduces the installation method of Alibaba Cloud PHP SDK.

  1. Download the source code.

    1. git clone https://github.com/aliyun/aliyun-openapi-php-sdk.git
  2. Add the refernce.

    Assume the PHP SDK is downloaded to the path/path/to/aliyun-openapi-php-sdk

    1. require_once '/path/to/aliyun-openapi-php-sdk/aliyun-php-sdk-core/Config.php';

    Assume aliyun-openapi-php-sdk is referred to under the current directory of the project

    1. require_once 'aliyun-openapi-php-sdk/aliyun-php-sdk-core/Config.php';
  3. Automatically load MPS SDK.

    Edit the filealiyun-openapi-php-sdk/aliyun-php-sdk-core/Config.php

    Find the content//config sdk auto load path., and addAutoloader::addAutoloadPath("aliyun-php-sdk-mts");at the end.

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