Use the console to create a table

  1. Log on to the Table Store console.
  2. Locate and click your target instance, or click Manage in the Actions column to go to the Instance Details page.
  3. Click Create Table.
    Note Each instance supports up to 64 tables.
  4. Enter the required information.
    • Each table name in an instance must be unique.

    • If the table is created in a high-performance instance, you must specify the reserved read throughput and write throughput. The reserved throughput can be set to 0 CU. Configuring the reserved read/write throughput does not affect the table’s read/write performance and service capability.

      Note If the reserved throughput is not set to 0 CU, billing based on the reserved throughput begins immediately after the table is created.
    • Up to four primary keys can be set. The configuration and order of the primary keys cannot be changed.
  5. Click OK.
  6. You are directed to the Instance Details page once a table is successfully created. If your created table is not immediately displayed in the table list, click Refresh until it is displayed.

Use the SDK to create a table

See the SDK reference.