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Hybrid access of ApsaraDB

Last Updated: Apr 28, 2018

Note: In this document, a classic ECS refers to an ECS instance created the classic network, while a VPC ECS refers to an ECS instance created in VPC.

Hybrid access namely is that a database can be accessed by both a classic ECS and a VPC ECS. With hybrid access, you can migrate your ApsaraDB from the classic network to VPC without affecting the continuity of your service. Because the classic network endpoint is reserved for a period of time to avoid the intermittent service interruption.

When migrating to VPC, you can specify the reservation time. The classic network endpoint is automatically released once the reservation time is reached and a notification will send to you before the releasing.

Note the following limits on the hybrid access of the cloud databases:

  • Currently, the following databases support hybrid access:

    • ApsaraDB for RDS of MySQL, SQL Server, PPAS and PostgreSQL engines in the safe connection mode

    • ApsaraDB for Redis and Redis cluster version

    • ApsaraDB for MongoDB replica set

      For the RDS instances and Redis instances, you can do the migration either by the console or the API. After the migration, a VPC connection endpoint is added while retaining the classic network endpoint.

      For the MongoDB instances, you have to do the migration using the API. Currently, the migration on the console cannot reserve the classic network endpoint, which may cause the service interruption.

    • The classic network endpoint will not be changed after the migration.

  • Currently, the following databases have not supported hybrid access:

    • ApsaraDB for RDS in the standard mode. You have to switch the access mode to the safe connection mode before the migration.

    • ApsaraDB for MongoDB cluster version.

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