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Notification format introduction

Last Updated: Apr 11, 2018


Notification of the real-time stream status information, informing the user of the streaming or streaming interruption operation result in a timely manner.


  • Principle: The real-time stream status feedback is implemented through GET requests sent to the user’s server through the HTTP interface so that the user can learn whether video stream push is successful or finished. The user server returns 200 responses to the interface.

  • You do not have to identify the URL if normal access is allowed. The following requirements are imposed on URL responses:

    In case of access timeout, the URL is retried. Currently, the timeout duration is five seconds, the number of retries is five and the retry interval is one second..

Example Instructions



Parameter Value description
time UNIX timestamp.
usrargs The user’s streaming parameter.
action publish means stream push. publish_done means push finished.
app The default value is the self-defined streaming domain name. If no streaming domain name is bound, it is the playing domain name.
appname The app name.
id The stream name.
node The name of the node or the machine in the CDN that receives the stream.
ip The IP address of the client that pushes the stream.