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Service endpoints

Last Updated: Oct 16, 2018

Before you use Function Compute service, you must have signed up for Alibaba Cloud. After you sign up for Alibaba Cloud, your account is automatically signed up for Function Compute service.

For each request, the service endpoint and the user account ID must be contained in a formatted pattern: account_id.service_endpoint. For example, assuming that your account ID is 16530750, then you can access Function Compute resources that are in China East 2 (Shanghai) region by using the 16530750.cn-shanghai.fc.aliyuncs.com address.

Internet service endpoint

Function Compute is accessible with the following public endpoints. You are billed for data connection if your function is transmitting data in and out from the Alibaba Cloud infrastructures from the Internet. For more information, see Billing method.

See the following table for the Internet service endpoints.

Region Service endpoint
China East 1 (Hangzhou) cn-hangzhou.fc.aliyuncs.com
China East 2 (Shanghai) cn-shanghai.fc.aliyuncs.com
China North 2 (Beijing) cn-beijing.fc.aliyuncs.com
China South 1 (Shenzhen) cn-shenzhen.fc.aliyuncs.com
Hong Kong cn-hongkong.fc.aliyuncs.com
Asia Pacific NE 1 (Tokyo) ap-northeast-1.fc.aliyuncs. com
Asia Pacific SE 1 (Singapore) ap-southeast-1.fc.aliyuncs.com
Asia Pacific SE 2 (Sydney) ap-southeast-2.fc.aliyuncs.com
Germany (Frankfurt) eu-central-1.fc.aliyuncs.com

Intranet service endpoint

Some Alibaba Cloud services can communicate over intranet, such as Function Compute, ECS, Apsara for RDS, Server Load Balancer, and OSS. We have established a gigabit level of shared bandwidth for those services that are in the same region. If you are transmitting data among Alibaba Cloud services that are in the same region, we recommend you use an intranet connection to avoid the consumption of Internet traffic.

See the following table for the intranet service endpoints.

Region Service endpoint
China East 1 (Hangzhou) cn-hangzhou-internal.fc.aliyuncs.com
China East 2 (Shanghai) cn-shanghai-internal.fc.aliyuncs.com
China North 2 (Beijing) cn-beijing-internal.fc.aliyuncs.com
China South 1 (Shenzhen) cn-shenzhen-internal.fc.aliyuncs.com
Hong Kong cn-hongkong-internal.fc.aliyuncs.com
Asia Pacific NE 1 (Tokyo) ap-northeast-1-internal.fc.aliyuncs. com
Asia Pacific SE 1 (Singapore) ap-southeast-1-internal.fc.aliyuncs.com
Asia Pacific SE 2 (Sydney) ap-southeast-2-internal.fc.aliyuncs.com
Germany (Frankfurt) eu-central-1-internal.fc.aliyuncs.com

Obtain Alibaba Cloud account ID

Follow these steps to obtain your Alibaba Cloud account ID:

  1. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud console.

  2. Click your user avatar from the navigation pane on the right. Choose Security Settings.

  3. Find your account ID.



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