This topic describes the resource limits in Function Compute.

Resource limits for services

Item Maximum limit
Functions per service 50
Triggers per function 10

Resource limits for function execution

Item Maximum limit (flexible instance) Maximum limit (performance instance)
Temporary disk space (the /tmp directory) 512 MB 10 GB
File descriptor 1024 1024
Total processes and threads 1024 1024
Memory required to execute a function 3 GB 16 GB
Duration for which a function is executed 900s 7200s
Duration for which an initializer is executed 300s 300s
Response payload size of synchronous invocation 6 MB 6 MB
Request payload size of asynchronous invocation 128 KB 128 KB
Deployment package size (ZIP or JAR file) 100 MB 500 MB
Source code size 500 MB 10 GB

Resource limits per region per account

Item Maximum limit
Total size of uploaded deployment packages 100 GB
Pay-as-you-go instances 300
Note If you need more pay-as-you-go instances, submit a ticket.
Single instance concurrency 1~100

Limits on accessing other Alibaba Cloud services or resources

If the feature of accessing resources in a virtual private cloud (VPC) has been enabled for Function Compute in your region, the following networking limits apply to your calls from Function Compute to other Alibaba Cloud services or resources.

  • You cannot use the internal IP address of an Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instance in a classic network to access its resources. These resources include web services and file systems. You must use a public IP address to access these resources or migrate these resources to a VPC.
  • You cannot access an ApsaraDB for RDS instance in a classic network by using its internal IP address. You must use its public IP address or migrate it to a VPC.
  • You cannot access an Alibaba Cloud service by using its internal endpoint. You must use a VPC endpoint or public endpoint provided by this service.