This topic describes how to develop a simple serverless Hello World application in the Function Compute console.


You have registered an Alibaba Cloud account and completed real-name verification.

Activate the Function Compute service

  1. Click . On the page that appears, click Buy Now.
  2. On the Activated Successfully page, click Manage Console to go to the Function Compute console.

Create a function

  1. On the lower-right corner of the Function Compute page, click Create Function in the Quick Access section.
  2. On the Create Function page, click Event Function and then click Next.

    You can create an event function, an HTTP function, or a template function. In this example, create an event function.


Configure the function

On the Configure Function page, enter all the required information. Click Create.

Parameter Description
Service Name
  • If you have created one or more services, select the desired existing service.
  • If you have not created any service, enter a new service name. The system will automatically create a service with the service name for you.
Bind Log If you want the system to automatically create a service, you must select Bind Log.

After you bind a log, you can view execution logs of the function to facilitate development and debugging of the function.

Function Name Enter the name of the function that you want to create.
Runtime Select a language that is familiar to you, such as Python, Java, PHP, and Node.js.
Function Handler The value is in the format of [File name].[Function name].
Memory The default value is 512 MB. The maximum value is 3072 MB.
Timeout The default value is 60 seconds. The maximum value is 600 seconds.

If the specified timeout period expires, the function fails to be executed.

Single Instance Concurrency The number of requests that can be concurrently processed by a single instance.

Execute the function

Click the function name. On the page that appears, click the Code tab, select In-line Edit, and click Invoke.



After the function is executed, you can view the execution result and detailed log in the lower part of the page.result
You can also click the Log tab to view the execution history.log