To ensure data security, access to a newly created ApsaraDB for HBase cluster is restricted by default. 1. You are not allowed to access open source components in the cluster, such as the HBase, Ganglia, and HDFS components. 2. You are not allowed read or write HBase data in the cluster.

Before you connect to your cluster, you must add the IP address of your client to the whitelist.


  1. Log on to the ApsaraDB for HBase console, select your cluster, and click Manage in the Actions column.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Access Control, and then click Edit Whitelist.
  3. By default, the whitelist is set to, which means that no public IP addresses are allowed to access the cluster. Delete this IP address from the whitelist.
  4. Add the IP address of your client to the whitelist.

    1. If you want to enter multiple IP addresses, separate them with commas (,). If you want to use a public IP address to access open source components, enter the public IP address. You can visit to query your public IP address.

    1. You can also enter CIDR blocks. For example, you can enter to specify all IP addresses in the subnet 192.168.0.X.
  5. You can set the whitelist to to allow all IP addresses to access your ApsaraDB for HBase cluster. This configuration is not recommended because it compromises the security of your cluster.