What is the default domain quota?

After you activate Alibaba Cloud WAF, you can deploy it for one domain name to provide protection. By default, a total of ten subdomains (including the root domain) of one domain name can be configured with a WAF instance. A subdomain can be a wildcard domain.

Taking abc.com for example, you can enable WAF protection for up to ten subdomains, such as www.abc.com, \*.abc.com, mail.abc.com, user.pay.abc.com, and x.y.z.abc.com. The root domain abc.com is also regarded as one of the ten subdomains.

What is an extra domain quota?

If you want to enable WAF protection for more than one domain names or more than 10 subdomains, you can buy an extra domain quota. Assume that you have already configured abc.com or its subdomains with your WAF instance. When you try to add xyz.com (another domain name) to the WAF protection list, you will receive a system prompt informing you that the domain quota is exceeded.

In this case, you must upgrade the service to purchase an extra domain quota. For more information, see Renewal and upgrade.

On the Upgrade page, select the number of extra domains you want and complete the payment.