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What is additional domain name package

Last Updated: Jan 15, 2018

By default, a domain name package is included when you activate the WAF.

This domain name package only supports a total of 10 domain names, including one top-level domain name and the associated sub-domain names or wildcard domain names.

For example, you can add a top-level domain name abc.com, and the associated domain names, such as www.abc.com, \*.abc.com, mail.abc.com, user.pay.abc.com, and x.y.z.abc.com. Each of the preceding domain names (including abc.com) takes one quota, and a domain name package supports configuring 10 domain names in total.

abc.com and xyz.com are two top-level domain names. If you have already added abc.com or its sub-domain names, when you attempt to add xyz.com (another top-level domain name), system prompts you that the current top-level domain name quantity is limited. You can upgrade the service and purchase an additional domain name package. In this case, you must upgrade the service.

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