Alibaba ApsaraDB for HBase is which is 100% compatible with open source HBase and deeply optimized and extended. and is a one-stop NoSQL service that is suitable for ApsaraDB for HBase is a database service that provides support for many core services of Alibaba such as Taobao recommendation, risk control for Ant Credit Pay, advertising, data dashboard, Cainiao logistics track, Alipay transaction records, and mobile Taobao messages. It provides some enterprise capabilities such as low latency, low cost, full hosting, security, open source standards, global distribution.

ApsaraDB for HBase comprehensively provides ApsaraDB for HBase and data dashboard.

HBase: one of the most popular open source big data storage databases

Overview of ApsaraDB for HBase

Architecture of ApsaraDB for HBase


Type Storage object Engine API Typical scenario Benefit
KV key and value HBase API Social distribution and chat records Low latency and high concurrency
SQL Relational model Phoenix SQL Upgrades of traditional relational databases Large storage capacity and distributed SQL database
Table storage Sparse table HBase API Risk control and user profiling Dynamic schema and large storage capacity
Document storage JSON, XML, and HTML files HBase API News Large storage capacity and high concurrency
Object storage Images and videos HBase API Images and videos Large storage capacity
Time series data Continuous temporal data in time dimension OpenTSDB/HBase API Sensors and Internet of Things (IoT) Large storage capacity
Time space data Spatial dimension or spatial trajectory GeoMesa/HBase API Internet of Vehicles and sports apps Large storage capacity and high-performance write capacity
OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing) Volumetric data Spark/HBase API Reports Large storage capacity, high concurrency, high load throughput, and HFile load
Full text Full text Solr/HBase API Full-text search High throughput


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