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Manage indexes

Last Updated: Jun 08, 2019

This topic describes how to manage indexes in DMS.


You have access permissions to DMS and you have logged on to the DMS console.


  1. Select a database and click Log on to Database.

  2. In the left-side table list, expand the table to be edited and click the Indexes list under the table to be edited to display the index menu, as shown in the following figure.

    Index menu entrance


    • Callout number 1: Click Add Index to add an index to the table.
    • Callout number 2: Click Modify Index to modify an index.
    • Callout number 3: Click Delete Index to delete an index.
  3. Select Add Index in the menu to open the Add Index window, as shown in the following figure.

    Add IndexNotes

    • Callout number 1: Enter an index name and select an index type.
    • Callout number 2: Click + or - to add a field to the index or remove a field from the index.
    • Callout number 3: Edit the fields of the index. You can manually enter the values or select values from the drop-down list. You can configure the prefix length for variable-length fields, such as varchar, to save the index space.
    • Callout number 4: After you edit the fields, click Save.
  4. After you edit an index, click Save. DMS will generate the SQL statement used to add the index. Confirm the changes and check whether they meet your expectations. After you confirm the changes, click Execute. DMS will add the index to the table that you selected.

  5. After you have added an index, you can view the indexes in the table again to check whether the added index has taken effect.

  6. In the left-side table list, right-click an index and select Modify Index. The Modify Index window appears. You can modify an index in the same way as adding an index. However, the SQL statement modifies the index by deleting the old index and then creating the new index.

  7. In the left-side table list, expand the table to be modified, right-click an index, and select Delete Index from the index menu. The Delete Index window appears.

  8. Click Yes to delete the index and DMS will delete the index. You can check indexes in the table again to confirm whether the index has been deleted successfully.