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Last Updated: Jun 08, 2019

The following figure shows the elements on the Data Management Service (DMS) for MongoDB overview page:


The descriptions for these elements are as follows:

Callout number Element Description
1 Version You can hover your mouse cursor over this section to view the upgrading records of the current version and go to the upgrade history page.
2 Features This section provides multiple features, including database, collection, and user creation and query window.
3 Instance connection string This section displays the connection string of the current instance. You can hover your mouse cursor over the connection string to log out.
4 Object list The object list displays the structure of database objects, including databases, collections, users, and indexes. You can right-click these objects to modify them.
5 Tabs Click a tab to view the corresponding tab page.
6 Tab page A tab page displays the basic information and available actions for a feature.