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Last Updated: May 08, 2020

The following figure shows the graphical user interface (GUI) elements in the Data Management Service (DMS) for Redis console.

DMS for Redis overview

The following table describes the GUI elements.

No. Section Description
1 Version information section You can move the pointer over this section to view the upgrade records of the current version and go to the upgrade history page.
2 Top navigation bar This section provides entrances to multiple features, including the command window and real-time monitoring.
3 Instance information section This section displays the endpoint of the current instance. You can move the pointer over the endpoint and log off from this instance.
4 Language menu You can click this menu to switch between languages.
5 Object list You can select databases or enter keywords to search for desired databases.
6 Feature tab You can click a tab to view the corresponding feature page.
7 Feature page The feature page displays the basic information and available actions for the corresponding feature.