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Export database

Last Updated: Sep 24, 2019

This section describes how to export databases in DMS.


You have access permissions to DMS and you have logged on to the DMS console.


This example uses the MySQL database.


  1. Log on to the DMS console. The homepage is displayed, as shown below.


  2. Select a target MySQL database and click Log On to Database. Enter the required information in the dialog box that appears, and click Log On.

    Log on to the database

  3. On the top menu bar, choose Data Processing > Export to go to the Export page.

    How to go to the Export page

  4. On the Export page, click New > Export Database.

    Click New

  5. On the New page, select a database, file type (SQL or CSV), and content to export. You can select both structures and data or only structures or data. Then select the tables and additional content that you want to export from the list on the right, as shown below:


  6. Click OK to run the export task.

    The task is running


    • DMS refreshes the progress of the export task every 2 seconds.
    • You can close the export window and go to the Export History List to check the export details and download the exported data.
  7. After the export task is completed, DMS automatically downloads the exported files to your local computer. Click Download File to download the exported files, as shown below:

    Exported files are downloaded automatically

  8. You can view the export tasks that you submitted in the Export History List. Click a task name to view the task details and download the exported data, as shown below:

    Data export history

    History details of exported databases