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Import data to a database

Last Updated: Jun 18, 2020

This topic describes how to import data to a database in the Data Management Service (DMS) console.


This topic describes how to import data to a MySQL database.


  1. Log on to the DMS console.

  2. On the Databases page that appears, find the target database and click Database Logon in the Actions column.

  3. In the top navigation bar, choose Data Plans > Import.

  4. The Import page appears. This page contains the import task toolbar and import history section.

    If you have imported data to DMS, data import records appear in the Import History section.

  5. Click Create Task in the toolbar. In the Import Task dialog box that appears, set parameters as required.


    • Only SQL and CSV files are supported.
    • If the data file to be imported uses a character set, you can specify the character set. By default, DMS detects the character sets of files.
    • If an error occurs in an SQL statement, DMS terminates the import task. You can select Ignore Error, but an error may affect subsequent operations.
    • You can enter a task description to briefly specify the content and reason for later review.
  6. Click Start to run the import task. If the imported data has an error, DMS terminates the import process and returns an error message. You can modify the data file and import it again.


    1. The error message returned because a data import error has occurred.
    2. DMS also returns the volume of imported data.
  7. If the imported data and SQL statements are correct, DMS displays the import progress, the imported data volume, and the consumed time.

  8. After data is imported, you can view the import task in the Import History section. You can click the task ID to view the details of the task.