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Basic architecture

Last Updated: Jun 05, 2019

Alibaba Cloud Data Management Service (DMS) provides a database management service, which allows you to manage your business, task scheduling, and connections. You can access real-time RDBMS and NoSQL data and schedule tasks in the backend.

Business management

  • Business management supports real-time database connections and data query by using SQL statements. Business management involves stateless nodes, which can be linearly scaled to improve the performance of DMS.

  • DMS supports stateless failover to ensure a 24/7 availability.

Task scheduling

  • Task scheduling allows you to import and export tables, compare table structures, and view data trends. The backend schedules tasks by using the thread pool, including real-time scheduling and periodic scheduling.

  • Real-time scheduling allows you to quickly schedule and execute a task in the frontend. After you submit a task, you do not need to wait for the execution result. The DMS backend automatically executes the task. After the task has been executed, you can download or view the execution result.

  • Periodic scheduling allows you to periodically obtain the specified data, such as the data trend. The DMS backend collects business data based on the scheduled tasks, allowing you to query and analyze the collected data.

Connection management

Connection management is the key component of DMS.

  • DMS supports MySQL, SQLServer, PostgreSQL, PPAS, Redis, MongoDB requests.

  • The DMS frontend supports connection separation and persistence. DMS allows you to open multiple SQL windows. These windows are independent of each other while the connections are still kept alive. You can use this method to switch between these windows on a client.

  • DMS supports instance connection management to control the number of connections established to each instance.

  • DMS allows you to create policies to terminate connections by feature, in order to reduce the number of database connections without impacting the features.