Perform the following steps to set sub-accounts and authorizations.

  1. Create a subaccount.
    1. Log on to the RAM console.
    2. Click Users in the left-side navigation pane.
    3. In User Management, click Create User.
    4. In Create User, enter user information.

      Note Select Automatically generate an Access key for this user, and properly store the AccessKey. The AccessKey of the subaccount will be used to obtain the token of STS.
  2. Create a role.
    1. In the left-side navigation pane, click Roles.
    2. Click Create Role.
    3. In Select Role, select User Role.

    4. In Enter Type, select Current Alibaba Cloud Account.

      Note Trusted Alibaba Cloud Account IDis set to your current Alibaba Cloud account ID by default, which does not need to be specified. Click Next.
    5. In Configure Basic Role Information, enter Role Name, and click Create.

    6. In Roles, click the created role.
    7. In Role Details, record Arn parameter acs:ram::1351140512345678:role/teststs.

  3. Set the role authorization.
    1. Click Role Authorization Policies.

    2. Click Edit Role Authorization Policy.

      Note To adjust the STS permissions of the subaccount (for example, to modify, add, or delete a permission), return to this step.
      You can create an authorization policy in Custom Authorization Policy and add this policy in Edit Authorization Policy to grant the minimum permission required by the upload SDK. The full policy content is as follows:
           "Statement": [
               "Action": [
               "Effect": "Allow",
               "Resource": [
           "Version": "1"
  4. Associate the subaccount with the role.
    1. Log on to the RAM console, and click Policies in the left-side navigation pane.
    2. Select Custom Policy, and click Create Authorization Policy.
    3. In the text box of Select an authorization policy template > All templates, enter the keyword STS. Sselect the template for AliyunSTSAssumeRoleAccess and go to the next step.

    4. In Edit permissions and submit, enter Authorization Policy Name.
    5. In Policy Content, set the Resource field to the Arn parameteracs:ram::1351140512345678:role/teststs.

    6. In the left-side navigation pane of the RAM console, click Users.
    7. Select the subaccount you have set and click Authorize to edit your authorization policy.
    8. Enter test, the created teststspolice is displayed.