After Enterprise Distributed Application Service (EDAS) Agent was installed, Agent Status was Unknown or Exception.


  1. Check std.log and agent.log in the /home/admin/edas-agent/logs directory of the Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instance.
    • The std.log file stores the logs generated during the installation of EDAS Agent.
    • The agent.log file stores the runtime logs of EDAS Agent.
  2. Locate the fault based on the error message. Possible causes are as follows:
    • If the log file contains Permission denied or Not such file, this error may be caused by the lack of permission to access relevant file directories. Ensure that the admin account has access permissions for all the files in /home/admin, and then reinstall EDAS Agent.
    • Check whether the ECS instance name is the same as that in the /etc/hosts file. If not, modify the ECS instance name in the /etc/hosts file and restart EDAS Agent.