IoT Platform provides multiple device SDKs to help you develop your devices and connect them to IoT Platform.


Before you develop a device SDK, you must complete all the required configurations in the IoT Platform console and obtain all necessary information (such as the device certificate information and topic information). For more information about console configurations, see the related documents in the User Guide.

Device SDKs provided by IoT Platform

You can install and configure an SDK provided by IoT Platform on your device, and then your device can connect to IoT Platform by using the SDK.

Download device SDK from C SDK

If the provided SDK does not meet your business requirement, contact Alibaba Cloud by sending an email to The email content must include the following information:
  • Subject: Consultation on IoT Platform SDKs
  • The body of the email must include:
    Company name
    Phone Number
    The programming language or software that you use to develop your device
    Your business requirements
    Your device amount and development schedule

Develop your own SDK based on the Alink protocol

If you have specific development requirements that cannot be met by the provided SDK, you can develop your own SDK based on the Alink protocol. For more information, see Alink protocol.

Generic protocol SDK

You can use the generic protocol SDK provided by IoT Platform to build a bridge to connect your devices or platforms with IoT Platform, so that they can communicate with each other.