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Developing process of workflows

Last Updated: Feb 09, 2018


The developing process of workflows are performed as follows:

  • Set a workflow

    Easy to use: By using the GUIs of the console, a cloud-based audio/video handling process is constructed on demand.

    Powerful functions: The screenshot taking, transcoding, narrowband HD analysis, encapsulation, watermarking, and editing functions are supported. For details on console configuration, see Workflows.

  • Upload a media file

    After a media file is uploaded to the input bucket and path specified by the workflow, the workflow is automatically executed based on the specified process.

  • Wait for a message notification

    Message notifications during the workflow execution. For example, the execution startup and completion notifications, are received.

  • Play a video

    After a workflow is executed, the playback URL after transcoding is obtained to play a video using a player.

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