The video management feature is mainly achieved by using the Media Files. The features of the Media Files are shown as follows.

  • Manages your audio/video files.

    A media file is a set of source video files, and videos, screenshots, and other resources processed and output by workflows of the source video files. A unique Media ID is allocated to each media file.

  • Supports setting the title, tag, category, description, thumbnail, and other information for a media file; and supports search for a media file using the information. In addition, the Media Files contains the format, duration, bit rate, frame rate, resolution, file size, and other metadata of each media file. It also displays the OSS storage URL and CDN domain URL of each resource, and supports online preview and playback for each resource.

  • Supports managing video publishing and also serves as the portal to upload videos on the Web.

  1. Log on to the Media Processing console.
  2. Select the region.
  3. Click Library > Media Files to go to the Media Files page.
  4. Publishing management.
    • Click Publish at the right side of the expected Media ID, you can set the publishing status of a video output from the workflow as Published.

    • Click Cancel at the right side of the expected Media ID, you can modify the video publishing status as Not Published. In the Not Published status, the video cannot be accessed using the OSS or CDN URL.

  5. Delete a media file.

    You can delete a media file if it is no longer needed. Click Delete at the right side of the Media ID and you can complete deletion.

  6. Query and edit attributes of a media file.

    Click Manage at the right side of the expected Media ID to go to the Video Details page.

    • In the Media Files tab, you can edit the Media File Name and and Details of a media file in Information.

    • In the Retrieve Media URL tab, you can check the Information, OSS Endpoint, and CDN Endpoint of the source file and the output media file after transcoding. Output media files after transcoding can also be played back and previewed.

    In the preceding figure, the names at the right side of the Source File are names of Transcode nodes of workflows.
    Note OSS and CDN traffic fees are charged on video playback and preview.