This topic describes the terms that are related to MNS topics.

The destination address where published messages are sent and stored. Publishers send messages to topics and subscribers receive messages from the topics.
The ID of an Alibaba Cloud account.
The client that sends messages to a topic.
The client that receives messages from a topic. By default, a topic owner is authorized to create subscriptions to the topic.
A subscription must be created if a subscriber client wants to receive messages that are published to a topic.
The address that a subscriber client uses to receive messages from a topic, such as an HTTP endpoint, email address, or mobile number.
The access endpoint of MNS is in the http://$AccountId.mns. $$TopicName format.
  • $accountID specifies the ID of your Alibaba Cloud account.
  • $Region specifies the region where MNS is deployed, such as China (Beijing), China (Hangzhou), and China (Qingdao).
  • $TopicName specifies the name of a topic.
message ID
A message ID is used to identify a message in a topic. Message IDs are unique to a queue, but not across queues.