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Domain Name Level

Last Updated: May 27, 2016

Cloud resolution defines .com, .net, .cn, .gov.cn, etc. as top-level domains.

It defines abc.com, example.cn, beijing.gov.cn, etc. as level 1 or primary domain names.

It defines www.abc.com, news.example.cn, www.beijing.gov.cn, etc. as level 2 domain names. For example, the subdomain names of level 1 domain names are level 2 domain names.

Therefore, subdomain name levels are defined as follows:

Level 3 subdomain names:a.www.abc.com ora.www.beijing.com.cn.

Level 4 subdomain names:b.a.www.abc.com orb.a.www.beijing.com.cn.

Level 5 subdomain names:c.b.a.www.abc.com orc.b.a.www.beijing.com.cn.


The free cloud resolution version supports up to 5 subdomain name levels.

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