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Retrieving Domain Name Whois Information

Last Updated: May 27, 2016


Queries information on the domain name Whois based on input parameters.

Request Parameters

Name Type Required? Description
Action String Yes Operation interface name, required parameter. Value: DescribeDomainWhoisInfo
DomainName String Yes Domain name

Return Parameters

Public return parameters. For details, see Public Return Parameters

Name Type Description
RequestId String The unique request identifier
StatusList DomainStatusType The domain name status list
DnsServers DnsServerType The current DNS list for a domain name
RegistrantName String Owner
RegistrantEmail String Owner's email
Registrar String Registration service provider
RegistrationDate String Date of registration
ExpirationDate String Expiry date

Error Codes

For errors common to all interfaces, please refer to the Error Code Table .


Request Example
&<Public Request Parameters>

Return Example

XML Format

    <RegistrantName>Alibaba Cloud Computing Ltd.</RegistrantName>
    <Registrar>MARKMONITOR INC.</Registrar>

JSON Example

    "RegistrantName": "Alibaba Cloud Computing Ltd.",
    "RegistrantEmail": "",
    "Registrar": "MARKMONITOR INC.",
    "RegistrationDate": "28-sep-2007",
    "ExpirationDate": "28-sep-2016",
    "StatusList": {
        "Status": [
    "DnsServers": {
        "DnsServer": [