This topic describes the terms about VPCs.

Term  Description
Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) A VPC is a private network established in Alibaba Cloud. VPCs are logically isolated from each other. You can create and manage cloud resources in your VPC, such as ECS, SLB, and RDS.
VSwitch A VSwitch is a basic network device that connect different cloud resources in a VPC. When you create a cloud resource in a VPC, you must specify the VSwitch to which the cloud resource is connected.
VRouter A VRouter is a hub that connects all VSwitches in a VPC and serves as a gateway that connects the VPC to other networks. A VRouter also forwards network traffic according to the route entries in its route table.
Route Table A route table is a list of route entries in a VRouter.
Route Entry Each item in a route table is a route entry. A route entry specifies the next hop address for the network traffic directed to a destination CIDR block. Route entries are divided into system route entries and custom route entries.