Term Description
Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) VPC is a private network established in Alibaba Cloud. It is logically isolated from other virtual networks in Alibaba Cloud. Alibaba Cloud VPC enables you to create and use the Alibaba Cloud resources in your own VPC, such as ECS, SLB, and RDS.
VSwitch A VSwitch is a basic network device of a VPC and used to connect different cloud product instances. When creating a cloud product instance in a VPC, you must specify the VSwitch that the instance is located.
VRouter A VRouter is a hub in the VPC that connects all VSwitches in the VPC and serves as a gateway device that connects the VPC to other networks. VRouter routes the network traffic according to the configurations of route entries.
Route Table A route table is a list of route entries in a VRouter.
Route Entry Each entry in a route table is a route entry. A route entry specifies the next hop address for the network traffic destined to a CIDR block. It has two types of entries: system route entry and custom route entry.