Quick BI is a flexible and lightweight business analytics platform built on cloud.

It provides a suite of intelligent tools to enable users to connect to multiple data sources. You can Create a cloud data source by using Alibaba Cloud services such as MaxCompute, ApsaraDB for RDS, Analytic DB, HybridDB, and your MySQL database on ECS. You can also Upload local files or Create a data source from external database to provide data to Quick BI.

To connect a data source, see Create a cloud data sourceCreate a data source from external database.

Get business insights with low costs.  Taking advantage of cloud computing, Quick BI provides a cost-efficient, fast, and stable way for you to analyze your data. For more information, see Charging.

Realize real-time analysis of massive data fast.  Quick BI’s query acceleration engine saves the time of data pre-processing, and helps you to get quick answers from your data.

Get started quickly. With Quick BI’s intelligent analytic tools and visualization components,  you can drag-and-drop to get data sources, create datasets, add filters and analytic dimensions and measures for Quick BI,  then let Quick BI deep dive into your data, create reports, and build portals for you. The intuitive design of Quick BI enables everyone to become a data analyst, and helps enterprises to achieve the data-driven operation.

Where can I access Quick BI services

On the Quick BI homepage, click Buy Now.