Quick BI is a flexible, cloud-powered, self-service BI platform.

Quick BI supports multiple cloud data sources, including MaxCompute (ODPS), RDS, Analytic DB, HybridDB (Greenplum), and user-created MySQL databases deployed on your ECS instances. You can also perform data analysis in Quick BI built-in Explore Space.

For more information about how to connect data sources, see Create a cloud data source and Create a data source from external database.

Get business insights with low costs. Taking advantage of cloud computing, Quick BI provides a cost-efficient, high-performance, and stable business platform for you to analyze your data. For more information about Quick BI pricing, see Quick BI billing methods.

Go from data to insights in minutes. The built-in query acceleration engine performs real-time analysis on large amounts of data without pre-processing. This helps to develop visual analytics more efficiently.

Model your data with ease. Based on smart modeling tools, Quick BI enables non-technical users to perform analytics and access data at lower costs. In Quick BI, you can author dashboards with widgets and rich visuals. You can quickly obtain data insights, self-service access, and business analytics. You can create reports and build data portals with ease. The self-service Quick BI provides visualized data and empowers non-technical users to become analysts. Quick BI helps to achieve data-driven business operation.