The CloudMonitor dashboard provides you with a real-time metric visualization solution for a comprehensive overview of your applications and services, enabling you to quickly troubleshoot problems and monitor resource usage.

Display metric trends for multiple instances

The dashboard provides detailed metrics and trends for multiple instances. For example, you can view the metrics of all the ECS instances on which your application is deployed all on one metric chart. This can help you see trends across multiple instances all in one area. Similarly, you can also view the CPU usage of multiple ECS instances over time in one chart.

Display multiple metrics per instance

With dashboards, you can also view several metrics of an ECS instance, such as CPU usage, memory usage, and disk usage all displayed on one metric chart. This visualization solution can help you find exceptions and monitor resource usage efficiently.

Display and sort instance resource usage

Instances can be sorted based on resource usage levels, allowing you to quickly gain insight into resource usage per instance and how usage levels differ between instances. With this information, you can make informed decisions and avoid unnecessary costs.

Display metrics distribution of multiple instances

The CPU usage distribution of an ECS instance group can be visualized with a heat map, allowing you to quickly and accurately discover the real time usage levels of different machines and compare them with each other. These heat maps are not only powerful visualization tools but are also interactive. You can click any one of the color blocks on the heat map to view the metrics and trends of the corresponding machine for a specified period of time.

Display aggregated metrics of multiple instances

With dashboards, you can view the average aggregation value of a particular metric, such as CPU usage of multiple ECS instances, all in one chart. With this capability, you quickly estimate overall CPU usage capacity and check whether the resource usage of different instances is balanced.

Provides full-screen visualization solution

The dashboard supports a full-screen mode that automatically refreshes. In this mode, you can easily add several application and product metrics to the full-screen display, allowing you to have a quick visual overview of all monitored data.