Dashboard overview

Last Updated: Aug 14, 2017


With the launch of the dashboard function in the CloudMonitor, Alibaba Cloud offers you a one-stop metric visualization solution. It allows you to view detailed metrics for troubleshooting and provides a quick glimpse into the real-time services.

Application scenarios

The dashboard function supports customized multi-dimensional query and display of cloud product metric data. The following are a few typical application scenarios.

Display the metric data trend of multiple instances

For example, if one of your applications is deployed on multiple ECS instances, you can add metric data of these ECS instances to the same metric chart. This will help you to view changes in the metric data trends of multiple instances.

For example, the CPU usage of multiple ECS instances can be displayed in one chart, in the time sequence.

Display the data comparison of multiple metrics

For example, a metric chart can display multiple metrics of an ECS instance, including CPU usage, memory usage, and disk usage.

Display the ordering of instance resource consumption

For example, if you have 20 instances, you can view the instances in descending order in a table. This gives you a quick understanding about resource consumption, how to use resources rationally, and avoid unnecessary cost.

Display the real-time metric data distribution of multiple instances

For example, the CPU usage distribution of an ECS instance group can be displayed in a heat map. This helps to compare the CPU usage of each instance. You can click a color block to view the metric data trend of the corresponding instance during specified time period.

Display the aggregated data of a specified metric of multiple instances

For example, you can view the average aggregation value of the CPU usage of multiple ECS instances in one chart, so as to know about the overall CPU usage and check whether the resource usage of each instance is balanced.

Full screen display

The dashboard supports full screen display and automatic data refresh. You can add various product metrics to the dashboard and can view them in the full-screen mode.

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