This topic is written for OSS SDK for Java V3.10.2.


Version compatibility of OSS SDK for Java:

  • For OSS SDKs V3. ×. ×:
    • API: compatible
    • Namespace: compatible
  • For OSS SDKs V2. ×. ×:
    • API operation: compatible
    • Namespace: compatible
  • For OSS SDKs V1.0. ×:
    • API operation: compatible
    • Namespace: incompatible. The code for Tablestore in OSS SDK V1.0.x is removed from V2.0.0 and the package names com.aliyun.openservices. * and com.aliyun.openservices.oss. * are replaced with com.aliyun.oss. *.

SDK source code and API documents

For more information about SDK source code, visit GitHub. For more information, visit Aliyun OSS SDK for Java 3.10.2 API.


OSS SDK for Java provides a variety of sample code for you to reference or use. The following table lists the sample code.

Sample file Content Quick start Create a folder for simple upload Append upload Resumable upload Multipart upload Upload progress bars Upload callback CRC-64 Download objects Resumable download Manage object metadata List objects Copy objects Delete objects Configure authorized access, lifecycle rules, Set logging, hotlink protection, and CORS for a bucket. Image Processing Use PostObject for form upload. The implementation of form upload is independent of OSS SDK for Java. Download multiple objects at the same time. We recommend that you use resumable download. Configure Single-connection bandwidth throttling Enable pay-by-requester mode and Client-side encryption