This document is written based on OSS Java SDK 2.8.3.


  • For SDK versions 2.x.x:
    • API: compatible
    • Namespace: compatible
  • For SDK versions 1.0.x:
    • API: compatible
    • Namespace: incompatible. The Table Store code in version 1.0.x is removed from version 2.0.0. The package names com.aliyun.openservices. * and com.aliyun.openservices.oss. * are replaced with com.aliyun.oss. *.

SDK source code and API documents

For the source code of OSS Java SDK, see GitHub. For more information, see OSS Java SDK API documents.

Code samples

OSS SDK for Java provides a variety of code samples for your reference. The following table describes the content of code samples.

Sample file Content Quick start Create a folder in Simple upload. Append upload Resumable upload Multipart upload Upload progress bars Upload callback CRC for file upload Download objects Resumable download Manage Object Meta List objects Copy objects Delete objects Bucket configurations such as authorized access, lifecycle management, access log files, anti-leech, and CORS. Image processing PostObject is independent of Java SDK. Download multiple objects at the same time. Resumable downloads are recommended.