Upload an object

Last Updated: Nov 22, 2017

After a bucket is created, you can upload objects to it in any of the following ways:

  • Using the OSS console to upload files smaller than 5 GB.
  • Using SDKs or APIs to upload files larger than 5 GB. For more information, see Multipart upload.
  • Using ossbrowser to upload files conveniently. For more information, see ossbrowser.


  1. Log on to the OSS console.

  2. Click to open the target bucket.

  3. Click the Files tab.

  4. Click Upload.

    Note: You can upload a file to a specified folder or the default folder. By clicking Create Directory before clicking Upload, you can upload a file to a specified folder. By directly clicking Upload, you can upload a file to the OSS default folder.

  5. In the Directory Address box, set the path under which the file is uploaded to OSS.

    • Current Directory: The default path for file uploading. You cannot change the path if selecting this option.

    • Specify Directory: If you want to upload a file to a certain folder, you must enter the path name. OSS automatically creates the directory and uploads the file to the directory.

    Note: For the description of and operations on a folder, see Create a folder.

  6. In the File ACL region, select the read/write permissions of the file. The read/write permissions of the bucket where the file belongs are inherited by default.

  7. In the Upload region, drag the file to be uploaded to this region, or click upload them directly to select the file to be uploaded.

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