Data Autonomy Service (DAS) supports HTTP GET and HTTPS GET requests. You must add all request parameters that are required for specific API operations to request URLs. After a request is sent, the system returns a response.

Sample request

The following sample request calls the DescribeCacheAnalysisJobs operation.

&<Common request parameters>
  • https specifies the communication protocol.
  • specifies the endpoint of DAS.
  • Action=CreateInstance specifies the operation that you want to perform.
  • You must specify the RegionId, InstanceClass and InstanceName parameters to call the CreateInstance operation.


DAS API is available only in the China (Shanghai) region. The endpoint is

Communication protocols

You can send API requests over HTTP or HTTPS. To ensure data security, we recommend that you send requests over HTTPS.

Request methods

You can use the HTTP GET method to send requests. When you use this method, all required request parameters must be included in the request URLs.

Request parameters

For each request, you must specify the Action parameter, common request parameters, and operation-specific parameters. In this example, the Action parameter is set to CreateInstance.

Character encoding

Requests and responses are encoded in UTF-8.