More and more enterprises are employing Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to collect and manage data from devices and increase returns. However, transforming the IoT eco-system and building a powerful IoT platform is facing challenges. Alibaba Cloud IoT Platform offers the solutions to these issues.

The following table describes the differences between traditional IoT development and IoT development based on Alibaba Cloud IoT Platform:
Traditional IoT development Development based on Alibaba Cloud IoT Platform
Connect devices to IoT Platform

Requires infrastructure and support from embedded system developers and cloud developers.

The development is heavy and inefficient.

Provides Software Development Kits (SDKs) for quick connections between devices and the cloud.

IoT Platform supports connections to worldwide devices, devices in heterogeneous networks, devices running in multiple environments, and devices operating based on multiple protocols.

Performance Requires manual architecture scaling. This results in difficulties in dispatching servers, load balancers, and other infrastructure at device level. Supports persistent connections with more than 100 million devices and millions of concurrent connections, and allows horizontal architecture scaling.
Security Requires the development and deployment of additional security measures. Securing device data can be challenging. Provides multiple measures to secure data in the cloud:
  • Device authentication to guarantee the security and uniqueness of devices
  • Transmission encryption to prevent data tampering
  • Alibaba Cloud Security and authorization checks to secure the cloud
Stability Requires manual detection of server faults and migrates services, and interrupts services during migration, resulting in service instability. Ensures the service availability of up to 99.9%, and allows auto migration in a single point of failure.
Ease of use Demands extra servers to build distributed architecture for load balancing, and requires costly development of a complete IoT system that handles connections, computing, and storage. Supports device management on the same platform, real-time monitoring of devices, and seamless connections to Alibaba Cloud services, and enables flexible and easy implementation of complex IoT applications.