Comprehensive solutions

  • ApsaraVideo Live provides a full range of technical solutions covering stream ingest, video processing, content distribution, and playback.
  • Features and services provided by ApsaraVideo Live include uplink bitrate adaption, narrowband HD™ encoding, snapshot capture, recording, time-shifting, and data monitoring.

Global coverage

  • ApsaraVideo Live has more than 1,500 live nodes in major countries of the world, facilitating globalization of your live broadcasting business.
  • ApsaraVideo Live has been gradually developing live centers in Europe, Southeast Asia, and other regions to serve global users.

End-to-end seamless support

  • ApsaraVideo Live provides collection SDKs and playback SDKs for multiple platforms and terminals, covering Android and iOS devices.
  • ApsaraVideo Live offers easy-to-use APIs for terminals, without any complex architectural designs. This reduces the maintenance costs and allows you to focus on implementing the business logic and improving user experience.
  • ApsaraVideo Live provides various live broadcasting features, including beauty effects, reverberation effects, filters, minimal video start-up delay, and time shifting.

Optimal smoothness, low latency, and high concurrency

  • ApsaraVideo Live provides the lowest playback lagging rate in the industry, and offers the smoothest live video watching experience.
  • ApsaraVideo Live uses the best-quality BGP IDCs and the optimal bandwidth to reduce live broadcasting latency and ensure real-time interactions during live broadcasting.
  • ApsaraVideo Live supports tens of millions of concurrent live streams and provides a live broadcasting technical architecture that can be dynamically scaled, safeguarding your live broadcasting business.

Self-assisted management

  • The self-assisted console allows you to apply custom configurations to services on each node within minutes.
  • You can activate the ApsaraVideo Live service quickly. In the console, you can manage live streams and set up live stream features, such as recording, encoding, and hotlinking protection, that suit your business scenarios as needed.
  • Scalable APIs are provided. Using ApsaraVideo Live APIs, you can flexibly configure the live video features and monitor the live video data. In addition, you can flexibly deploy, quickly operate, accurately use, and promptly monitor accelerating domain names, distributed resources, and monitored data. You can also use ApsaraVideo Live APIs in conjunction with the APIs of other Alibaba Cloud services to customize your portal.

Comprehensive monitoring and multi-dimensional data analysis

  • Comprehensive information monitoring: bandwidth traffic, access quality, visitor data, and feature usage
  • Multi-dimensional data analysis
  • Full log download