Various solutions

  • ApsaraVideo Live provides a full range of technical solutions from streaming, transcoding, and distribution to playback,
  • In addition to responsive uplink bit rate, narrow-band HD™ transcoding, screenshot, recording, time shifting and data monitoring among other features and services.

Global coverage

  • ApsaraVideo Live has 1,500-plus live video nodes for full global coverage.
  • Gradually expanding construction of live center, covering Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, to serve the global users.

End-to-end seamless support

  • Provides collection SDKs and playback SDKs for multiple platforms and terminals, covering Android and iOS devices.
  • Offers an easy-to-use open terminal interface, eliminating complex architectural design and reducing maintenance costs, which enables you to focus on business logic implementation and the improvement of user experience.
  • Provides various application features, beauty, sound mixing, filters, one second ATF (Above the fold), time shifting and other live broadcast functions for you to choose from.

Smoothness, low latency and high concurrency

  • ApsaraVideo Live has the lowest video lagging rate industry-wide, and provides the smoothest live video watching experience.
  • ApsaraVideo Live adopts best-quality BGP rooms and bandwidth to reduce live video latency and ensure real-time interactions in live videos.
  • With a concurrency capacity of 10 million live streams, the live video technical architecture can be dynamically scaled to handle any live video service requirements.

Self-help management

  • Self-help console, allowing customized, intelligent, and minute-level deployment on all CDN nodes.
  • Quick access to ApsaraVideo Live service. You can manage live streams using the console. In addition, you can also set up live capabilities that suit your business scenarios according to your needs, such as recording, transcoding, anti-theft chain and other functions.
  • Open and scalable APIs. Using ApsaraVideo Live APIs, you can flexibly set functions, monitor data, and quickly deploy acceleration domain name , exactly use distribution resources and timely monitor data. In addition, you can combine with other Alibaba Cloud product‘s APIs to create custom portal in multiple platforms.

Panoramic data, multi-dimensional data analysis

  • Panoramic data monitoring, including bandwidth, access quality, visitor data, and amount query.
  • Multi-dimensional data analysis.
  • Download of all the logs.