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Last Updated: Apr 11, 2018

Various solutions

ApsaraVideo Live provides a full range of technical solutions from streaming, transcoding, and distribution to playback, in addition to responsive uplink bit rate, narrow-band HD transcoding, screenshot, and time shifting among other features and services.

Smoothness, low latency and high concurrency

ApsaraVideo Live boasts the lowest video lagging rate industry-wide, and the smoothest live video watching experience. ApsaraVideo Live adopts best-quality BGP rooms and bandwidth to reduce live video latency and ensure real-time interactions in live videos. With a concurrency capacity of 10 million live streams, the live video technical architecture can be dynamically scaled to handle any live video service requirements.

Global coverage

ApsaraVideo Live has 1,300-plus live video nodes for full global coverage.

Industry-tailored and scenario-oriented solutions

ApsaraVideo Live has mature, industry-tailored solutions that encompass all manners of live video application scenarios. ApsaraVideo Live provides live video solutions for industries including e-commerce, entertainment, online education and gaming industries.

Multi-terminal adaption and seamless watching experience

Cloud synchronization technologies ensure that a video can be played on multiple terminals at the same time to provide a seamless viewing experience.

Safe storage and security protection

ApsaraVideo Live provides URL encryption, video encryption and other rigorous security protection solutions to reduce risks including illegal recording and broadcasting live video without copyright consent.

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