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What is MQ

Last Updated: Aug 08, 2018

Message Queue (MQ) is a service that provides messaging capabilities including message publishing and subscription, message tracing, scheduled and delayed messages, resource statistic measuring, alarm monitoring, and more, to build a complete set of enterprise-level messaging functions powered by a highly available distributed cluster technology. MQ provides asynchronous decoupling and load shifting for distributed applications, and supports multiple key features for Internet applications including mass message stacking, high throughput, and reliable retry.

MQ provides messaging cloud services in multiple regions within the Alibaba Cloud, and the multi-data center deployment strategy in each single region ensures its high availability. Even when a data center is entirely down, it is still able to provide the messaging service with no SPOF.

MQ supports access through TCP and MQTT protocols, and supports Java, C++, and .NET programming languages, to facilitate quick access to its cloud service for applications developed with different programming languages. You can deploy your applications on Alibaba Cloud’s ECS or your own enterprise cloud, or embed them into mobile devices or IoT devices to connect with MQ for message sending and receiving. Addtionally, developers can access MQ through the internet for message sending and receiving.

Note: We recommend you use the Message Service product for programming language demands other than Java.

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