Enterprise Distributed Application Service (EDAS) provides three editions: Standard Edition, Professional Edition, and Platinum Edition.The billing method of all EDAS editions is subscription.


Edition Standard Edition Professional Edition Platinum Edition
Scenario Provides standard microservice solutions Developed based on the security solutions to Double 11 hosted by Tmall Supports configuration management and data-driven operations
Billing Method Subscription Subscription Subscription
Microservice Microservice frameworks Supports Spring Cloud, Dubbo, and High-speed Service Framework (HSF)
Solutions without code modifications Supports Java agents and service meshes
Microservice governance Query microservices and throttle network traffic Allows you to query, authenticate, and test microservices, and supports pressure tests, traffic throttling, Consumer-Driven Contracts (CDCs), and network traffic control (canary releases for multiple applications)
Configuration management Supports distributed configuration pushing
Application release and O&M Application lifecycles Allows you to create, deploy, roll back, start, stop, restart, delete, and scale up applications
Logs Allows you to query logs online and query Kubernetes volumes, and is integrated with Log Service
Auto scaling Supports auto scaling and manual scaling
Integration with other services Integrated with OpenAPI SDK, Jenkins plug-ins, and the latest version of Apsara DevOps
Releases Supports batch release and canary release for individual applications
Enterprise permission management Access control Supports isolation among tenants and permission policies of Resource Access Management (RAM)
Multi-environment management Allows you to use namespaces to isolate resources and create multiple environments, including development, staging, and production environments
Hybrid clouds Not supported Allows you to deploy applications across Elastic Compute Service (ECS) and Kubernetes clusters
Real-time monitoring Supports real-time monitoring on systems and applications

View the edition of EDAS

  1. Log on to the EDAS console.
  2. Navigate to the Overview page. The edition of EDAS is displayed in the upper-right section on this page.View the edition of EDAS