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What is API Gateway

Last Updated: Nov 08, 2017

API Gateway provides you with a complete API hosting service, helping you open capabilities, services, and data to your partners in the form of APIs. You can also release your APIs on the API marketplace for other developers to purchase.

  • This service provides multiple techniques, including attack defenses, anti-replay, request encryption, identity authentication, permission management, and throttling to guarantee API security and reduce the risk of opening APIs.
  • This service provides a full range of lifecycle management functions, including API definition, testing, release, and removal, generates SDKs and API instructions, and increases the efficiency of API management and iteration.
  • The service provides convenient O&M tools, such as monitoring, alarms, analysis, and the API marketplace, reducing API operation and maintenance costs.

API Gateway maximizes capability multiplexing, so enterprises can share capabilities and focus more on strengthening and advancing their own business.

Architecture Diagram