Access Key

Last Updated: Nov 29, 2017

Alibaba Cloud AccessKey is a “secure password” designed to secure the access to your cloud resources over APIs (instead of the management console). You can use the AccessKey to sign API request content in order to pass server security authentication.

This AccessKey is generated and used by pairing an AccessKeyId and AccessKeySecret. Each Alibaba Cloud user can create multiple AccessKey/secret key pairs. You can activate (Active), deactivate (Inactive), or delete generated AccessKey/secret key pairs at will.

You can create and manage all AccessKey/secret key pairs through the Key Management Page on the Alibaba Cloud console. You need to save the AccessKey/secret key pairs because they are a critical factor in Alibaba Cloud’s API request security authentication. If a key pair may have been leaked, we recommend that you immediately delete this key pair and generate a new one.

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