You can set alarm rules for metrics in host monitoring, instances in cloud service monitoring, and metrics in custom monitoring. Alarm rules can be applied to all resources, to application groups, or to a single instance.

The alarm service supports alarm notifications through various channels such as emails, TradeManager, and DingTalk chatbots. TradeManager only supports alarm notifications through PC clients. You can also install the Alibaba Cloud app to receive alarm notifications in this method.

Host monitoring alarm rules

Alarm rules can be set for all metrics in host monitoring. Alarm detection frequency can be set to a minimum of once per minute.

Cloud service alarm rule

CloudMonitor allows you to set threshold alarms to monitor the consumption of your cloud resources, and set event alarms to monitor the status of instances and services.

Custom monitoring alarm rules

After reporting monitoring data through the custom monitoring API, you can set alarm rules for corresponding metrics. Then, when the value of a metric exceeds the specified threshold, an alarm is triggered and an alarm notification is sent through the specified notification method.

Custom event alarm rules

After reporting event exceptions through custom event API, you can set alarm rules for the events. Then, when an alarm rule is met, an alarm is triggered and an alarm notification is sent with the specified notification method.