Alert service overview

Last Updated: May 12, 2017

You can set alert policies for probe points in site monitoring, instances in cloud service monitoring, and metrics in customized monitoring.

When you use the alert function for the first time, you need to create an alarm contact, create an alarm contact group, and then set alert policies for relevant services.

Site monitoring alert policies

You can create alert policies for probe points in site monitoring. The statistical cycle of alert policies in site monitoring is the same as the detection cycle of probe points. That is, when the detection cycle of a probe point is five minutes, the statistical cycle of its alert policy is also five minutes. The system monitors the data returned from the probe point every five minutes to check whether the actual value exceeds the threshold value.

Cloud service monitoring alert policies

You can set alert policies for instances in cloud service monitoring. Alert policies can be set for metrics of each product.

Note: The SMS quota for a new user is 1,000 by default. You can submit a ticket or contact Alibaba Cloud through TradeManager to apply for additional free alert SMS quota.

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