CloudMonitor can apply to a wide range of services and monitoring scenarios.

Cloud service monitoring

After activating your Alibaba Cloud account, you can use CloudMonitor to view the running status and metrics of your cloud services and set alarm rules for the metrics.

System monitoring

By monitoring the basic metrics of your ECS services (such as CPU usage, memory usage, and bandwidth), you can ensure the normal running of instances to avoid service malfunction due to resource overuse.

Rapid exception handling

CloudMonitor sends alarm notifications according to the metric thresholds you set in alarm rules so that you can quickly handle exceptions.

Rapid scale-out

After setting alarm rules for metrics such as bandwidth, connection count, and disk usage, you can easily learn about the real-time status of cloud services and scale them out in a timely manner based on your service volume requirements.

Site monitoring

CloudMonitor supports eight protocols (namely HTTP (HTTPS), ICMP, TCP, UDP, DNS, POP3, SMTP, and FTP), and can be used to detect the availability, response time, and packet loss rate of your site, allowing you to gain insights into site availability and quickly fix any exceptions that occur.

Custom monitoring

CloudMonitor supports the creation of custom metrics, which allow you to target specific monitoring requirements. After these new metrics are created and corresponding data is uploaded, exceptions based on these metrics will be quickly reported as alarm notifications.