This topic describes the billing of SSL Certificates Service.

SSL certificates

You can select SSL certificates as required. SSL certificates are priced differently based on which certification authority (CA) issues them. For more information, see Select and purchase certificates. The price of an SSL certificate is determined by the brand of the root certificate, certificate type, purchased duration, number of domains, and whether a domain name is a wildcard domain name.

You can view the price of an SSL certificate that has specific configuration on the Alibaba Cloud Certificates Service page. For more information, see On the SSL Certificates page, click Purchase Certificate.


If your purchased SSL certificates or value-added services expire, they are automatically stopped.

  • You are notified with emails or text messages seven days before expiration. If you do not renew the certificates or services before they expire, your website can no longer provide HTTPS-encrypted data transmission.
  • After expiration, the system retains the settings of your SSL certificates and value-added services for seven days. If you renew the certificates and services within the seven days, you can directly use the original settings. Otherwise, the settings are cleared. If this happens, you must configure the settings again when you purchase SSL certificates or value-added services.


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