Web Application Firewall (WAF) supports subscription billing.


Billable item: You are billed based on the subscription plan.

Payment method: You must pay before you use a WAF instance.

Billing period: A WAF instance is billed monthly or annually based on your order. A bill is generated each time you place an order.

Subscription period: You can subscribe to a WAF instance for periods of one month, three months, six months, or one year. The subscription period starts on the day you place your order.

Expiration: WAF no longer protects your website after your subscription ends.
  • You will receive email or text message notifications seven days before expiration. If you fail to renew your WAF instance before it expires, your website is no longer protected upon expiration.
  • After your WAF instance expires, WAF retains your configuration for seven days. If you renew your WAF instance within seven days, you can continue to use your configuration for protection. Otherwise, your configuration is deleted. If you want to use WAF, you must buy a WAF instance again.


WAF does not provide the 5-day money-back guarantee or partial refunds.