Security Center generates alerts when attacks are detected. It also runs vulnerability and baseline configuration checks to reinforce system security and prevent attacks. To help you build a complete security system, Security Center supports security situation analysis and provides a graphical user interface to help you trace and analyze security events.

Security Center offers the following benefits:

  • Security alerts and retrieval

    Security Center monitors security events and provides solutions in real time. To prevent intrusions, Security Center also analyzes and retrieves events that triggered alerts.

  • Vulnerability and baseline checks

    Security Center automatically detects and lists vulnerabilities and configuration risks of your server assets. It also provides solutions to secure your assets.

  • Risk quantification and prediction

    Security Center supports quantified threat analysis and risk prediction based on machine learning.

  • Virus detection

    Security Center can detect and remove viruses in real time. Security Center supports data collection, masking, identification, analysis, quarantine, and restoration. You can quarantine and restore files in the Security Center console. For more information, see Cloud threat detection.