Last Updated: Jun 23, 2016

If the project owner Alice wants to grant privileges to another user, Alice needs to add this user in her project. Only the user added in the project can be authorized.

The command to add a user is shown as follows:

  1. add user <username> --Add a user in the project.


  • <username> of Aliyun account is a valid email address registered on

When a user leaves the project team, Alice should remove him from the project. The removed user will no longer have any privilege to access the project resources. The user can be removed by using the following command:

  1. remove user <username> ---remove user from the project.


  • A removed user will no longer have any privileges to access the project resources.
  • Before removing a user who has been granted with some roles, you need to deregister all roles of the user. Refer to Project Role Management for details of roles.
  • After removing a user, the historically ACL Authorization access permission of a user will be activated again when the user is re-added to the project.
  • Currently, MaxCompute does not support removing a user and his all privilege data from the project.
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