MaxCompute Tunnel is the data tunnel of MaxCompute. It helps in uploading and downloading data to MaxCompute. However, Tunnel only supports table data upload and download.

Based on the Tunnel SDK, MaxCompute offers Data upload and download tools.

When using Maven, you can search for odps-sdk-core in the Maven database to find different versions of Java SDK. The configuration is as follows: SDK (available in different versions).

This article describes the main interfaces of Tunnel SDK, which may differ according to the SDK version. See SDK Java Doc.

Interface Description
TableTunnel The portal class interface to access the MaxCompute Tunnel service. You can access MaxCompute and its Tunnel using the Internet or intranet of Alibaba Cloud.  No traffic fee is incurred when you use intranet to download data through MaxCompute Tunnel. The intranet address is only valid for cloud products in the Hangzhou region.
TableTunnel.UploadSession Indicates a process of uploading data to a MaxCompute table.
TableTunnel.DownloadSession Indicates a process of downloading data from a MaxCompute table.